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Specialists in Laser Hair Removal Long Island NY - Soft Touch Laser & Skin Renewal Center
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By Brooke Showell

Fashion starts with the body. Beauty, whether it's a perfect pedicure, cute coif or immaculate eyebrows, gives many of us ladies the confidence to strut our stuff in a sexy pair of stilettos, clingy cocktail dress or teeny bikini.

But the latest beauty treatments have taken fashion to a new level, adding high-tech gadgets and masterful techniques to achieve just the right look. The right manicurist, cosmetic dentist or hair stylist can easily gain a cult-like following. We often think we can't live without these people and treatments. And the truth of the matter is, they often really do make us look and feel good. So for beauty, we will endure whatever it takes to achieve the most coveted looks. No pain, no gain.

The one accessory every fashionista can do without, especially in summer months, is unwanted body hair. These are three words we women hate to even think about, much less speak out loud, and we will go to great lengths to avoid it. Lately there has been a growing demand among women and men for efficient and long-lasting hair removal methods, which has led to a number of developments in the beauty arena.

The Brazilian bikini wax, the most famous and most feared beauty treatment out there, made its way into high fashion thanks in part to the popularity of thong underwear and low-rise pants seen on celebrities like Britney Spears and Lil' Kim, and the insurgence of Brazilian bombshells like Gisèle Bündchen. The Brazilian bikini wax is a technique in which most of the hair is removed from the bikini area, leaving only a small patch of hair or nothing at all. This treatment, once thought of as reserved for strippers or masochists, gained a fanatical following among superstars, supermodels and socialites. And despite the rumors, the slight pain is secondary to the awkwardness of being twisted like a pretzel for 20 minutes. This summer the Brazilian wax phenomenon swept stateside shores faster than you can say "ouch," as small swimsuits made extra grooming very necessary.

But waxing is not for everyone. Looking for a more permanent solution, the fashion elite began to move beyond the Brazilian to a more high tech solution: laser hair removal. Once thought of as an excruciating and expensive procedure, new technologies and word-of-mouth testimonies have created a high demand for the process. Although not guaranteed to be a permanent solution, laser hair removal has a high success rate and is gaining popularity with the introduction of new and improved laser technology. And the benefits outrank its competitors: Repeated waxing and electrolysis can become quite pricey, and short-term shaving often results in cysts or inflamed follicles.

The laser process sounds scary but is fairly simple. The laser uses light energy to act on hair follicles in the active growth phase. The tip of the laser is chilled to partially num the area. Hair follicles absorb the laser energy and are in turn disabled and unable to grow. Patients report an uncomfortable stinging sensation, like the feeling of a rubber band hitting the skin, but after all, beauty has its price. Just ask all of those bare legs, backs and chests at the beach.

According to the Consumer Guide to Laser Hair Removal, sponsored by the American Institutes of Laser Medicine and the Institute of Laser Medicine in Los Angeles, the best candidates for laser hair removal are those with hair darker than the surrounding skin. But with the introduction of new laser technologies all skin tones can be treated with the adjustment of power settings, but dark or tan skin runs a higher risk of post-laser pigmentation changes, and blonde, white or silver hair responds the least. Popular laser-targeted areas for men include the back, beard, neck and chest, while women are booking appointments for the bikini line, upper lip, tummy and legs.

The length of treatment, number of sessions and cost varies on what you're having done and where. Most treatments are complete after about four sessions; the first three take place about a month apart, followed by a fourth session in three months. Costs vary depending on the area of the body, and range from about $100 to $500 per treatment.

Laser hair removal is safe.

But fickle fashionistas beware: Once a hair follicle is destroyed, there's no growing back.
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