Specialists in Laser Hair Removal Long Island NY - Soft Touch Laser & Skin Renewal Center
Soft Touch Laser & Skin Renewal Center
Experts in Laser Hair Removal and Skin Care for Men and Women
62 Bethpage Rd - Hicksville, NY 11801-1504 - 516/364-LASEr (5273)
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Specialists in Laser Hair Removal Long Island NY - Soft Touch Laser & Skin Renewal Center
Soft Touch Laser & Skin Renewal Center - Where you may come in as a Client, but will leave as a Friend!
Soft Touch Laser & Skin Renewal Center is the
Premier Destination for a Body Beautiful!
Catering to both Men and Women.
Best Laser Treatment Center - Voted 1st Place Best of Long Island by Long Island Press Readers presented by Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Soft Touch
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Why we're different

Because we are different,
in many ways...

  • We know what we are doing (and have Client testimonials to prove it) and are Certified Laser Specialists - not all Technicians are Certified like we are.  We perform clinical trials on services before offering them to you, offering you the best proven solutions available for your needs.
  • Laser Hair Removal is our Specialty, not an ancillary service.
  • We're not a transient technician nor a rented laser located at a hair salon or the like - we are the pros and will be the same people you see at each visit.  Our treatment rooms are fully equipped specifically for Laser Hair Removal and Aesthetics, not some back room shared with the hair waxer.
  • This is not just a business to us - it's a life to us, where we are able to effectively help people meet their needs, and have fun doing it.
  • We're not a franchise that is just interested in the bottom line nor a chain which is poorly managed with sub-par technicians. We're a single location, with a Husband and Wife team who are Certified Laser Specialists, taking great pride in providing you with an affordable treatment plan, safety, results, on-time appointments, and a great bedside manner to boot!
  • We actively keep abreast of all new technology and protocols.
  • We are sought as a Mentor to select 'good' laser technicians throughout the US, as well as abroad.
  • We maintain close relationships with our equipment manufacturers offering us an inside track to their higher management staff and engineers which allows us to provide them with valued input into their equipment design and use. 
  • Approximately 30% of our Clients have come to us after having Laser Hair Removal done elsewhere (at the offices of Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Electrologists, and Laser Centers), where they:

We hear horror story after horror story from our
Clients about their past experiences elsewhere.
We cringe everytime we hear them.

Unfortunately, the real-life stories are becoming
more frequent as more laser centers and
Doctor's offices open up across the area.
Don't let this happen to you!

  • Our pricing structure is very competitive, even though our services and experience are worth much more.  We aim to make it affordable!
  • Our facility is clean and well equipped, while being relaxing and nurturing - elsewhere, some treatments are performed in a filthy back room.
  • We offer convenient, on-time, private appointments.
  • Our state-of-the-art equipment is FDA cleared.
  • "All lasers are not created equal" - Our technique, equipment, and cooling method are unparalleled, providing you with results oriented procedures, without pain.  We don't cool with super cold cryogen (like Freon refrigerant) nor messy gel which does not provide consistent results - we use deep cooled air which is comfortable to the client, while protecting the skin from damage, without effecting the lasers efficacy.
  • We use a 'real' laser, not a not-as-effective IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) that most people advertise to be a laser, but is not whatsoever.
  • We own all our equipment - not leased or rented like many other offices.
  • We're not a franchise where the goal is to make money and move people through assembly line style - we treat each Client individually, with the utmost of care and attention.  We are very compassionate in what we do - you will see this the first moment we meet.
  • We aim to educate you during your consultation and respectfully allow you to make an intelligent decision as to whom to place your care with.
  • We provide a solution, not just a service!
  • Many Clients have done their research, and clearly chose us based on the information they found.  Some Clients have had consultations elsewhere, and have ultimately come to us - they have said, "we've saved the best for last".

Without question, Soft Touch Laser is the most adept center on Long Island for Laser Hair Removal and Aesthetics!

We at Soft Touch Laser & Skin Renewal Center strongly believe that an informed person makes an intelligent decision.

Call us today for your free
no-obligation consultation
(we like to call it an education)
...you'll be glad you did!
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Why Soft Touch Laser
loyalty and trust
what makes Soft Touch Laser different
Why come to
Soft Touch Laser
and not another
laser center or Doctors' office?
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We are NOT affiliated with ALC whatsoever!
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We at Soft Touch Laser &
Skin Renewal Center are not a money-focused franchise; we are a Husband & Wife team that is eager to provide you with Safe Results-Driven procedures, with no smoke-n-mirrors typical of other providers.

We are the only ones that will be consulting with you and treating you, not some consultant that gives you hype and gets compensated by how much they charge you, and then turns you over to a random or transient technician that gets compensated by how quick they can treat you and move onto the next client.
It's all about the people...