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Specialists in Laser Hair Removal Long Island NY - Soft Touch Laser & Skin Renewal Center
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Skin Tags
Cherry Hemangiomas
Broken Capillaries
Skin tags are small growths of tissue on the skin's surface. They are usually benign and painless and do not grow or change. They can be found most anywhere on the body but are usually located on the neck, armpits, trunk, and body folds. 
Telangiectasias are abnormally dilated blood vessels.
Not actually a true neoplasm, but a congenital anomaly; proliferation of vascular endothelium leads to a mass that resembles neoplastic tissue. It can occur anywhere in the body but is most frequently noticed in the skin and subcutaneous tissues. 
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Thermolysis using short-wave RF: Thermal decomposition is defined as a chemical reaction whereby a chemical substance breaks up into at least two chemical substances when heated. It is usually an endothermic reaction as heat is required to break chemical bonds in the compound undergoing decomposition.
RA Fischer TS-1 Pro Therm
Thermolysis (from thermo- meaning heat and -lysis meaning break down) is a chemical process by which a substance is decomposed into other substances by use of heat. The decomposition temperature of a substance is the temperature at which the substance decomposes into smaller substances or into its constituent atoms.